About Us – Member Policies

Overview : This is a community/wiki based web site, meaning that all users contribute to all editable content. We want everyone, users and members alike, to enjoy the site help promote railroading, as it is the backbone of the American economy and economic history. Once you have been given membership it is your responsability to be respectful of other members’ content and opinions. Everyone is here to share railroad and RAILROAD ONLY topics and media (modeling techniques, videos, audio, photography). Below are an explanation of our rules and guidelines of how we see this site working. Please take the time to read them and understand them, if you have any questions about them please contact the administrator with any questions you may have that are not answered here.

Membership : Is free, however donations would be great to help support the cost of hosting this site (approximately $95 annually). Initial membership you are granted contributor access to the photo gallery admin. Basically you will be able to build your galleries the way you like them and upload as many photos or videos as you like as long as they follow the guidelines stated here (railroad ONLY content). Please keep in mind that the image/video admin we use is what is called a “WIKI” admin so every one can contribute to all the albums, however please note that if the album isn’t marked as “PUBLIC” please ask or make suggestion to that crew member before you go changing their images.

Additionally if you expressed interest in adding to the text content of this site you will also be given “Author” access to the CMS to help build the article, event and link content of the site. Additionally if you have services you’d like to sell (weathering, custom modeling, detailing etc.) you can have access to those sections to add to the content of the site. As an “Author” you will create content and make edits to existing content and then an editor or the Admin will publish them for you. After a 90 day probationary period your “Author” status will be upgraded to “Publisher” so you will no longer be required to have an editor publish content for you. If you have further question please email the admin.

Administrators : There currently is one administrator to this site “Dan Weatherby”. If you have a special request or if you feel another member has or is ignoring our policies please email me and I will look into it. The forums/discussion area is on our Facebook Fan Page so you will need a Facebook account to join in the conversation.

Content : As stated above the content (video, audio or photographic) MUST be railroad related and in good sense and taste. Photos of kids playing on railroad tracks or people or animals getting hit by trains, or people traspassing on railroad property DO NOT BELONG HERE. Remember trains are wonderful to watch and enjoy and model but real people do get hurt or even killed by these machines because of poor judgment and we will take no part in embracing or glorifying “poor judgement” around trains or railroad tracks. Beyond the above please once again remember, RAILROAD ONLY material. That means no political, religious, pornographic and anything outside of railroading material.

Copyright Material : Any photo, video or audio composision you post on here must be yours or you must have physical written permission to use it. We follow copyright laws very closely and if anything ever comes into question we can and will track the post back to the user who placed it in the first place and pass that name along. Further, the photos on this site are not for you to use at will. If you would like to use a photo from a crew member for other purposes outside of this site you must contact the crew member or original poster of the material and gain permission to use it. Failure to follow these simple rules can result in a lawsuit between you and the owner of said photo, video or audio recording.

Respect others material and opinions: Like we said, this is a “wiki” or “community” based site. If your not familiar with the concept of a wiki site, let us define it for you. The admin tool for this site allows editors and contrinutors to modify all editable content areas on the site. Regardless of who originally created them and or regularly maintains them. With that in mind we ask everyone this: BEFORE you make an edit to a album or gallery that is not yours personally please look to see if it is a “PUBLIC” gallery or album. If it is not a “PUBLIC” gallery or album, please suggest updates to other users content by emailing them. If you are the owner of said gallery or album and do not want anyone editing it, please say so in the album description. Beyond just content please treat others with respect on the forums. Remember that we welcome people of all ages and foul language (including the use of symbols) is not welcome here. Remember that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you so try to keep an open mind, if not then please keep a closed mouth.

Discipline : Remember, the above policies are there to make it enjoyable as possible for everyone. Please follow them. Failure to do so can result in either a email warning from the admin or deletion of the account and all material belonging to that person. There is no order to either, it will just depend on what the violation is and how responsive you are to correcting the problem. Some actions will not be tolerated at all and no warning will be given. If you are peronally attacking any member on the forums or via email or posting inappropriate content we will delete your account and your photos immdiately.

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