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Want to join the crew? We are welcoming members from all over the state. We are looking for railfans to share their travels as much as we are looking for railroad modelers that want to share some of their handy work. We are trying to build a great community to be a resource for all rail fans and modelers alike.

So, if your ready to join the crew and share your sites and sounds, all are welcome, just be sure to read the member policies before signing up. It’s your responsability to read them, as those are what governs the use of this site. Failure to follow all of them warrants immdiate account deletion (user and photos) no exceptions. Afterward fill out the form below. Please do keep in mind that account creation is NOT immediate nor is it automated. It usually takes one of us a day or two to respond to set up the account. You will be emailed with account information once it is set-up.

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